Education in the 1800's

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Focus Questions:

What was Education like in the 1800's:
What were the schools like?
What was being taught? What subjects?
Who was being taught? Boys/Girls and what?
Was there race/ethnic discrimination?
Who was the leader in public education?
When did public education start?
How different was the education compared to today?

Information about 1800's Education​
The older boys did not have school in the summer because they were farmers. Also some boys stayed home in the winter to workon the farm also.
​In the 1800's it was hard for blacks to get an education. Black children did not go to school.
If got caught from helping African Americans they would get arrested or have to pay a fine.
People caught teaching blacks they would get whipped or some other punishment.

Some kids were older than the teachers.
They only recived 4$-10$ a month.
The schools only had one room all the kids were taught together.
Students of all ages were in the same room.


1st Reflection: Today I talked to Mr. Emmi about changing my topic because I thought my other topic was not intresting/boring. My new topic is Education in the 1800's. I learned that it is important to be interested in your topic as it really helps you be motivated in school and learning about it. I think that this is a better topic for me because I can relate to it and understand the topic better. Today, I came up with some new focus questions and found a few pictures. My next step is to answer my focus questions and post some notes on them.
2nd Reflection:
3rd Reflection:
Group mate comments
Very good work here alexa. very organized page very easy to follow. very good project yet you should add a work cited area and more pictures besides that very nice

very good alexa! (like the pink)-Grace N.

Social Studies Essay for Wiki

For my topic I did education in the 1800's-1850's. I wanted to learn this because I wanted to see how different it was than todays education. What I leaned that the teachers only get 4 dollars-10 dollars a month so that means they don't get a lot of money in their years. Back then they were more poor than now. The school only had one room and all the kids were taught together. The school back then taught what we have now. Also student of all ages were were in that room together too. Some of the childeren taught they were older than the teacher. The older boys who had a farm did not go to school in the summer because they were farmer. Also some boys stayed home in the winter so they could work in their farms too. In the fall time it was harvestiong time and kids had to pick apples, husk corn, carry water, and cook for the men working iin the fields. They also needed to gather firewood and help preserve the fruits and vegetables. Childeren had to work till November whan harvesting time was over then they went back to school. Back then African American were poor. Some cites had public school for African American childeren but they were separated from white childeren. This is called segergation. African American school's were weaker in there studies because they had fewer amount of supplies than white school's. Some African American parent paided white to tutor rather than sending then to to a public school. In the 1800's it was hard for African American to get an education. African American childeren did not go to school. If people got caught teaching African American they would get whipped or even a bigger punishment. I liked doing this project because it was very intresting.