The last battle of 1812 (Battles)

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— The war of 1812 was a war with The United States (us) fighting Britain. The United States defended it in the end and signed a peace treaty during the last battle; The Battle of New Orleans. e war of 1812 was a war with The Unirleans.

How many battles did America win and how many did America loose?
There was 11 american Victories and only 7 British Victories. (Below)
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How many people were killed over all?
America had 2,260 deaths and 4,505 wounded and Britain had about 5,000 casualties.

When did the war start and when did it end?
The war of 1812 started in 1812 and ended in 1814 December 24th but a battle was still fought in New Orleans because no one knew that the peace treaty was signed at the time because mail was so slow back then.

What was the last battle of the war?
The last battle of the civil war was the battle of New Orleans. The Battle of New Orleans was a great American victory, led by Andrew Jackson the Americans had only about 26 casualties and the British had thousands more. What made this battle ironic was that the battle was fought after the peace treaty was signed. No one new that the war was over because the mail system was so slow so the war went on even though it was over.

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Who do you think had the better advantages in the war and why?
I think that the British had the better advantages besides being the away team in the war. The British were the most powerful country at the time so they enough ships in their navy to make a blockade around the United States to stop trade so that the United States cannot trade and boost their country. The British also had many reinforcements, more men and more gunpowder and technology to defeat are small growing country.

Who were the war heros in the war?
· Sir Isaac Brock – Was a leader of the British army including natives, Canadians and took on 2,000 American forces.
· Tecumseh- Was a leader of the native army siding with the British and fought to the death defending his home land.
· Andrew Jackson-Was the leader of the last battle of the war “The Battle of New Orleans” thousands of the British army died but only less than 30 people died that were Americans.

Why did the War of 1812 start?
The War of 1812 started because of America and Great Britain’s relationships started to get complicated. The British started impressing American citizens on trading ships and making them join their army. Also the British were supplying the hostile native Americans with weapons and aid. Also some of the people in America wanted to capture Canada which was owned by the British.

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What had gotten destroyed in America?

During The War of 1812 the White House (below) and most of the other important buildings were burned down by the British when they came to take the capital city of America.

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What Battle had the most American Casualties and which battle had the Most British Casualties?


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