My focus questions.
How did the navy fight and what weapons did they use?
How was technology used to fight back then?
What fighting techniques did they use i.e gurrilla?
How did they train for battle?
How did they use guns?
Most armyss used guns as a way to fight. They were usualy muskets or rifles and were used as anti personel wepons.
Naval equipment

external image Constitution.GIF

This is the USS Constitution it was nicknamed old iron sides. It is still floating in the boston harbor.
The USS constitution is made of oak so that it has a stronger hull. The ship is usualy commisoned a 44 gun frigate. But it would often carry over 50 guns at a time. The ship actualy sinks lower than it should because it has so many guns. There were 30 24 pund cannons divided on each side of the deck. There were also twenty two thirdy pound guns. Divided up by eleven on each side. The USS Constitution has four cahse guns. Chase guns were used to slow down the ship by shooting its riigging and sails.

Army equipment


British Short Land (2nd Model) Musket, available from the Discriminating General.


French Model 1777 Musket (Year IX Variant), available from The Discriminating General. Versions of this musket (with only minor differences) manufactured in Britain during the 1790s

external image ucmili3.jpg
British Land Pattern bayonet and scabbard of the style commonly issued as part of a ‘Stand of Arms’ during the eighteenth century, available from The Discriminating General.

This is a Gattling gun. It was cranked by a soilder it could fire up to 600 rouns a minute. It has six barrles so that they can all cool. The only problem is it was extremly heavy.

external image wilsons-creek-national-battlefield-springfield-mo232.jpg
This is a civile war cannon. It was the best way for armies to fight at a long distance.

In cobat the armys would send skirmish lines ahead of a larger body of troups to fight or harras the enemy using longer range wepons such as cannons or gattling guns.

Reflection 1

I have found a couple of websites to add information from I have also found some pictures and have made good progress into my battle field wepons catigory. I am looking into the naval wepons and battlefield tactics. I am going to be reasherching books to find more information.

Reflection 2
I have continued to research on battlefield technology of the 19th century. I have found multiple video of the hisory of rifles leading up to the 19th century

This web site details the history of rifles in the 19th century.
Reflection 3: I have foud more information on 19th century battlefield strategy. I found A good site for it here it is
Reflection 4: I have worked on my focus questions and I have been looking for pictures and videos to make my site better. I am also looking for a good book to add information to my sight.
Reflection 5: This week I am going to look at what made each of these wepons unique and what made them superior over other wepons. I am also going to look into who invented the wepons and why they did. I am almost done with my first focus question and I am going to be adding a book to my sources this weekend.
Comments for other people:
Ben i think you should go more in depth when you research, let us know what you are learning about because this is a great topic and im curious to know. I really like the pictures on your wiki i would deffinateyl post more of those.