Cucumber Compact

Focus Questions

What is the Cumberland Compact?
The Cumberland Compact are articles of agreement signed on May 13, 1780 by settlers when they arrived on the Cumberland River and settled Fort Nashborough, which would become Nashville, Tennessee.

What did the cumberland compact do?
The Cumberland compact required that all men sixteen years of age and older were required to serve in the militia. The compact establishes a relationship between the settlers of the Cumberland region and limited the punishment that could be meted out by the judicial system. Serious capital crimes were to be settled by transporting the offending party to a location under the direct jurisdiction of the State of North Carolina for a proper trial. The compact remained in effect until Tennessee became a state.

How was the Cumberland Compact created?
After taking adavntage of the Henderson's Treaty in 1779, settlers, lead by James Roberson and John Donelson moved to the French Lick, modern Nashville. It was there the settlers formed the Cumberland Compact.

Why did they migrate to the location?
They moved to the location because no one had yet to settle on the banks of the Cumberland River which is also known as the French Lick. Many families risked their lives in the wildreness to start a new life in new lands.

  • In 1864, the only copy that survived was found in a chest belonging to Samuel Barton
  • Composed and signed by 256 colonists
  • Created during the revolutionary war
  • John Donelson was Andrew Jackson's father-in-law
  • Was signed where modern day Nashville is, but was known as Fort Nashborough
  • John Doleson's great-grandson was a US senator


Weekly Reflections
Log: Reflection 1
1/19 - 1/21
The first week of the project was quite not fun, and very frustrating. People don't know as much or post as much things as the Cumberland compact as more "popular" things such as Shea's rebellion. But if these last few days have taught me anything about anything, is that you can't eat pancakes without syrup. And that picking the cucumber compact was a bad idea, because sources are little.......and I don't know smack......and this is taking a long time.

Log: Reflection 2

1/25 - 1/29

The second week of this project is becoming more of a pain it was then last week. Also, to add to the migrane, pictures are extremly extrucratingly hard to find because if you went to a mall and asked 150 people what the cumberland compact was, about 1.5 people would know what it was. Books are also a issue. A book about this topic is diffucult to obtain, and even harder to locate. Although I have made some progress, in the long run, the migrane will worsen.

Log: Reflection 3

3/8 - 3/13

The of this post in unkown. A glimpse of hope has shone through the dark abyss. aparently, some people know what this is and thus will make this project easier to do.

Log: Reflection 4

2/28 - 3/6

I have furthered my reserch only to discover a most delighting surprise. To my amazement, a particular book has been written on this subject. I intend to investigate this book and extract it's information to better my reserch.

Log: Reflection 5

3/7 - 3/13

The book in which I has investigated proved to be somewhat useful. The information was very interesting, but some of the information was hard to verify.

Log: Reflection 6

3/14 - 3/20

My reaserch has come to an end. i have more than enough information to supply this wiki's requirements. I need to work on the other subjects of the matter in this...matter.

Log: Reflection 7

3/21 - 3/27

The overall apperance of the website is amusing and so i bid thee farewell, because thoust will no post any more, to this forsaken log.
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