The Underground railroad

  • Focus Questions
  • How old was Harriet Tubman when she lead the people to Canada?
  • How long did the underground railroad last?
  • How many people did Harriet take at a time?
  • Do you think that if Tubman did not save those people do you think we will still have slaves?
  • How many times did she go through the Underground Railroad?
  • How old was harriet when she started taking the slaves through the Underground Railroad?
  • Was the Underground Railroad really underground?

  • Notes
  • Also the fugitives would not only travel by train but they also traveled by a boat.
  • harriet tubman had been leading the slaves for for about 10 years.
  • they demanded that if a slave was sighted, he or she should be turned in to the authorities for deportation back to the "rightful" owner down south.
  • There wahttp://www.factsmonk.com/facts_about_the_underground_railroads a lot of people who helped out, one of them was a slave owner, his name was John Fairfield he lived in Ohio. Levi Coffin, a Quaker who assisted more than 3,000 slaves.
  • Harriet made ninteen trips when she was talking the people through the trail.
  • Most dramatic action of slaverly in the U.S. 70000 slaves escaped into canada safely.
  • The Underground Railroad was not underground it behide houses it was a network were they hid and slept.
  • There were some people who helped out on the UGRR and they were not slaves.
  • It was also a trail for the black slaves to escaped when they got a chance so that they are not forced to work on the farms.
  • They went though 13 northern states and Canada
  • Stations were about 20 miles apart
  • Harriet made 19 trips without anyone knowing
  • People offered $40,000 if they got her and took her in
  • About 500 to 1000 people died on the UGRR


groupmate comments:
    • comment by Meagan: I think the under ground rail road is very interesting. Good choice of topic. Also, Harriet Tubman is an important part of the UGRR. Your notes are cool especially the ones about runaway slaves escaping by boat and that Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape for TEN WHOLE YEARS!!! That's a lot of walking. :)

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