Education in the 1800's

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This is what the School Houses looked like in the 1800's. Here is my powerpoint!
  • Focus Questions
What types of schools were there?
What type of things did they learn about then?
How long were the school days and years?
How long was their school career?
Where were the schools located?
Were the schools and teachers educated?
Do you think their was enough room and materials in the school houses to make the kids successful?
Do you think that the kids learned enough at this time? Or should they have learned more?
  • Notes
William Manning decided to make a system where no college or grade school student needed a sholorship or money for tuition. Jefferson liked this idea and decided to stick with it.
Some kids started college the youngest at 13 years old. Few people attended college. The rest started educating themselves for their jobs. The most important things were
the soil, planting times, how to store food, and where to find fresh water. The types of schools were just one room with a chalkboard, desks/chairs, and a desk for the teacher. The main
concepts of the school days were to focuse on reading, writing and arithmitic. They would use small chalkboards and pens that they would dip in ink for their math skills. Girls learned how to
run a house from their female families. Boys would learn the main concepts of farming and ranching. They did not start school in September because that was harvesting time and they had
to help their family members. They only had school in winter and summer. In the spring they planted crops and in the fall they harvested. The teachers only got paid $4 to $10 a month. Schools were
built on parts of the land that was not suitable for farming. They often built the schools on crossroads and there were no trees. The kids were allowed one recess a day and it was in the morning.

  • Sources
Going To School in Colonial America, By: Shelley Swanson Sateren
Early Schools, By: Bobbie Kalman

  • Weekly Reflections
This week I am really happy with what I accomplished. I have been doing a lot of research on the subject and I think that I have a lot to work with. In the upcoming week I think I will start
putting all of the research together and start making a type of project. I haven't decided what type of project I should do yet. Whether a power point, poster and maybe even a written assignment
That is what I did this week and my goals for his upcoming week.

This week I used the books that I checked out of the library to find some more important information on my topic. In my last reflection I said that I was going to start a powerpoint. But that didn't
happen because I realized that I didn't have enough information to work with. So I think that this week I will get as much research as possible and maybe start on a powerpoint presentation.

This week I finished up getting all of the information that I needed. I then started the power point. I knew that I wouldn't finish it in one day so i only did a little of it. The focus questions that I made
into slides were the first two. But I did also add in a couple of slides. Such as, what types of materials did they use. That is what I did in this week.

This week i just kept working on my powerpoint. I added a couple more slides as well as a couple of pictures. Next week I plan to just keep working on my powerpoint. I think that I
need to add a couple more pictures and facts about the focus questions in my powerpoint. So I will do that focus on editing it next week.

This week I am almost worked on my power point. I am almost finished with it and I just need a couple more slides and maybe some more pictures. Last week I thought that I needed more
information and that is what I did this week. I added more info along with some more slides and pictures. Next week I plan on finishing the whole project. All I have to do is add some finishing
touches and I will be good to go!!

Since that I finished my power point last week I just have to did some final touch ups. Such as, changing the background and doing some changing the sizings of the pictures and
the size of the font. I think that I did a good job and I think that it looks really good. I do think that I still need some suggestions from people to help me with what I need to do.

This week I completely finished my powerpoint. In the powerpoint I forgot the slides with my opinions on it. So today in class I did that and there were two slides that I forgot to do.
The focus questions that I forgot was Do you think their was enough room and materials in the school houses to make the kids successful? and Do you think that the kids learned
enough at this time? Or should they have learned more? So that is what I did this week.

  • Group mate Comments
Cool- Scott CusimanoKatie: Brooks, I think you picked a very interesting topic that will be very cool to learn about.
Keep in mind at least 2 of your focus questions need to be opinion questions. I'm looking forward to see the other cool information you find on this topic!