*Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were terrible spellers.
*Thomas Jefferson wrote to Lewis telling the explorers they might encounter dinosaurs.
*In some of the boxes Lewis and Clark sent back to President Jefferson had live Prairie dogs in them, along with skins, skeletons and horns of animals they encountered.
*Many of the animal heads, horns and hides of the animals Lewis and Clark encountered and sent back to President Jefferson are on display in his home in Virginia (Montecello).
*Sacagawea was pregnant while on the expedition. The baby boys full name was Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, but Clark nicknamed him "Pompey" or "Pomp".
*The men were always cold, even in may snow fell and ice formed in their kettle and sauce pans.
*Only one man died on the expedition, he had appendicitis.
*When the explorers encountered a grizzly bear many of them attempted to kill the bear ( with success) but Lewis turned and fled.
*On June 3rd, 1805 the explorers ran into a fork in the Missouri that caused conflict. In the end Lewis and Clark were correct.
*Lewis said to many Native Americans, "Ta-Ta-bone" which meant "White man".
*Lewis wrote about how the Shoshone Native Americans Embraced them "...these men...embraced me very affectionately, in their way, which is by putting their left arm over your wright [right] shoulder [and] clasping your back, while they apply their left cheek to yours... They also repeated 'ah-hi-e, ah-hi-e' which means 'I am much pleased'."
*Meriwether Lewis bought 29 horses from the Shoshone Native American tribe so his exploration could cross the Rocky Mountains easily.
*Lewis and Clark were said to have equal leadership roles in the expedition, but in D.C. everyone believed Lewis was always in command.
*There was only one pet on the trip and he was Lewis' pet Newfoundland named "Seaman". (as seen below)

Lewis, Clark and Seaman
Lewis, Clark and Seaman

Once the voyagers got home life for Meriwether Lewis disintegrated. HE comitted suicide due to lack of money, mental instability and rejected marriage proposals. There is also evidence he was addicted to alcohol. He was sleeping in a Inn called Grinder's inn. A witness said there were two gun shots. They found him alive but he died later in the morning. There is question if perhaps there was a robbery and he was shot. But due to the supposed "mental derangement" (as one of the people on the expedition described it), it does not seem far fetched that he killed himself, he had attempted twice before this. It's sad though :(