civil war

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focus questions

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when was it?
1861 - 1865 and it was also called the War Between the States.

why and how did it start?
It started because the north and the south were fighting over prices of cotton and slavery

where did it start?
It started April 12, 1861 in Fort Sumpter in Charleston, SC

what were some of the bloodyist battles?
More than 620,000 men died in the war.

Who were the main learders during the Civil War?
Find three facts about them?

Robert E. Lee is among the most celebrated genarals in American history, Lee distinguished himself as an exceptional soldier in the u.s. army for thirty-two years and President lincoln invited Lee to take command of the entire Union Army.(south), Abraham Lincoln(north)he was later president he was also assassinated and twice an unsuccessful candidate for election to the u.s. senite, Ulysses S. Grant In the Mexican War he fought under Gen. Zachary Taylor, Grant fought one of the bloodiest battles At Shiloh hill and he was also presidant(north) and Jefferson Davis fought in the mexican war as a colonel of a volunteer regiment,he was the youngest of the 10 childrenand he had six children(south)
1st reflection: 1\28\10
this week on my wiki I typed in civil war in google and many websites came up, after I clicked, a few diffrent links came up. I clicked on this one and I think it is a really good website about the topic so I to linked it so you could see it too.

2nd reflection: 3/2/10
today i looked up some facts about the civil war and i found out that more people were killed in it than in all the other wars combined. And I posted a picture for you to see

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